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Robert R. Sytnick honors his life experiences and inner thoughts in words that resonate with the reader making you feel validated and less alone.


He speaks of love, whispers of lust and laments loss.  He reminds us of youthful adventures that live only in our minds.  He takes us on flights of fantasy that are liberating.  He speaks to our soul with thought provoking words.

On a personal note, Robert is a Gemini, single father of two sons and a self-employed entrepreneur.  When he is not working or writing, he enjoys traveling, fishing, golfing, visiting museums and is always looking for new adventures.

Robert R. Sytnick

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Rhyming Stories by Robert R. Sytnick

After Midnight speaks to the heart, mind and soul. It is filled with tender memories, thoughtfully and beautifully crafted.  Robert brings a unique depth to the range of human experience: humor and sadness, reflection and love, dark and light.

In Echoes of My Past Robert honors his memories by directing his thoughts to these sensitive and intense words that will leave a lump in your throat, bring tears of remembrance and leave an imprint on your soul.  Lose yourself in the gift of his words and find yourself in the memories of your past.

After Midnight and Echoes of My Past are available on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

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Novels by Robert R. Sytnick


Michael’s heart longs to go Back to the Sea where his memories of a lifetime of happiness with Deborah began.  In 1853 he met and married his love aboard the Sara Rose.  The responsibility for the ship, their passengers and, the safe delivery of priceless Viking artifacts are in the hands of the captain and his crew. They face nature on her terms as they fight for survival in the icy North Atlantic and fend off pirates bent on looting passengers and cargo.  Their struggle is incensed by the stunning betrayal of a shipmate when loyalty, friendship and honor can mean the difference between life and death.


Returning from four years of war, Richard Noble finds his wife in the arms of another man.  His crime of passion takes him on a long path of soul searching.  He is a man on the run, and his mission is to stay alive and out of reach of the law.  His sexual conquests and explicit escapades lead him to deceitful love affairs and entrapment.  Richard Noble is lost and empty.  He searches for peace within, but his crime takes him further from the love he found.  Will Richard Noble find Redemption?


Robert has started a new collection of Rhyming Stories.  As he lives his life, his creative self records everyday events, memories, and people that he encounters.  He began this new collection to share with his readers and to look for your opinion and thoughts.

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